Blockchain to the rescue – The 2024 Paris Olympics will be done on the web 3

cryptocurrency marathon – The blockchain thanks to its system of tamper-proof coded blocks allows the immutability of the data it contains. It also offers full transparency on the exchanges it authorizes. This technology is gradually being adopted by international institutions and governments. China, for example, is sowing its digital yuan and is using the possibilities … Read more

How blockchain and cryptocurrencies could revolutionize the real estate sector

A report sheds light on the great transformations that the real estate sector could experience thanks to blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Is the real estate sector experiencing a 3.0 revolution? This is what the report entitled “Real Estate 3.0, from paper stone to encrypted stone”, written by Florian Freyssenet, co-founder of the TheDiggers community and connoisseur … Read more

where to use blockchain technology outside the financial sector?

The co-founder of Ethereum (ETH), Vitalik Buterinrecently spoke about the non-financial applications of blockchain technology and released a paper on June 12 listing some use cases. Vitalik Buterin. Source: Bankless / YouTube In a document entitled “Where to use a blockchain in non-financial applications“, the architect of Ethereum said that one of the biggest challenges … Read more

Reviews | Yes, the encryption is locking up again. The blockchain will survive. – News 24

As Terra Luna’s death spiral accelerated, her followers, known as “Lunatics,” have fluctuated between terror and hope as Mr. Kwon funneled more than $ 1 billion worth of Bitcoin into the system in an attempt to restore stability. ” Distribute more capital: stable guys“, He tweeted. But in the end, there wasn’t enough cash in … Read more

first connection in a French national blockchain

Nineteen French players have just created a consortium to launch a sovereign blockchain. The France Blockchain Alliance (o ABF) brings together IT specialists such as OBS, Docaposte, Atos, public organizations such as the University of Lille or companies such as Suez. In concrete terms, the actors of the Alliance will deploy and manage the nodes … Read more

Is blockchain and art compatible?

It is difficult to give an exhaustive definition of what art is, as it can be protean and arouse different and sometimes contradictory emotions. New technologies ; for those who know little about them or have an aversion to them; they are often described as cold and soulless, by their very nature. What if a … Read more

XY Labs will launch a new secure system

Is it possible to create an Oracle network ecosystem that will be fully functional and will be able to collect and then validate geospatial data anonymously? A few years ago it would have been logical to answer this question in the negative. However, now the answer is “yes”. Indeed, the company XY Labs, plans to … Read more