Blockchain technology in the global healthcare market Significant growth, technological advancements and opportunities until 2028

The Global Blockchain Technology Healthcare Market Report , through its market research, it helps to improve and modify products so that necessary changes can be made for future products and greater satisfaction is presented to valued customers. While formulating this report on Blockchain technology in the healthcare market, the client’s business capabilities are well understood … Read more

are we dealing with a rugpull?

On the Oasis blockchain, the USDT stablecoin suddenly lost parity with the dollar, dropping to less than $ 0.12. In question, the EvoDeFi bridge, managed by most of the Oasis-based protocols. The latter, however, had tried in recent weeks to warn about the lack of safety of the bridge. Rugpull or simple technical problem, we … Read more

Concordium (CCD), a sustainable approach to the Blockchain network

The high energy consumption by the mining process and the blockchain in general is a trending topic among many others. Many blockchain technologies aim to be more environmentally friendly. Furthermore, the trend to move from a Proof-of-Work system to a Proof-of-Stake system is also a revolutionary development in this field. Concordium wants to bring a … Read more

cyberattack-proof blockchain and cryptocurrencies

KPMG France, leader in Audit and Consulting, reveals the results of its Cybersecurity for Blockchain and Cryptos 2022 study, which provides an inventory of vulnerabilities in the blockchain and crypto ecosystem, at a time of exponential development of decentralized finance, the total amount invested the funds represent 10.6% of the entire cryptocurrency market. Among other … Read more

Cryptocurrency Exchanges: Towards Custom Blockchains to Attract DApps

The declining number of users is driving many cryptocurrency exchanges to reinvigorate the industry. Integration and development of DApps, creation of ecosystem funds, etc., are among the solutions adopted by these actors. Diversification of cryptocurrency exchange services Huobi, Binance, KuCoin, Avalanche, NEAR and even Fantom are starting to react to the observation of a decline … Read more

Russia could reduce VAT for companies that issue cryptocurrencies

In Russia, the State Duma has approved a bill that allows for VAT relief for companies that issue cryptocurrencies. But before it is fully validated, the text must still pass into the hands of the Federation Council and Vladimir Putin. Russia plans to lower VAT Today the State Duma, the equivalent of the parliament … Read more

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies: quesaco?

Montaigne Conseil presents a series of articles aimed at giving you an idea of ​​what these assets represent, and to answer some questions that any investor could ask themselves: security, transfer, succession, diversification and exploitation. We will start by introducing the genesis of cryptocurrencies (I) before explaining how they work in a banal way (II). … Read more

Cryptocurrencies: “Solana is currently the best positioned blockchain to compete with Ethereum”

Facebook Twitter Messenger Whatsapp LinkedIn Solana claims to be the fastest blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystem in the world, with over 400 projects spanning DeFi, NFT, Web3 and more. It is currently thekiller of ethereum most likely with a competitive platform and low transaction fees. Solana Price (SOL): What is the current price? Here is the … Read more

Can the Solana smartphone save the blockchain?

Surprising many investors and Web 3.0 enthusiasts, Solana’s smartphone tries to hide the many problems that the blockchain is currently experiencing. But this smartphone will be enough to survive the bear market ? This is what we will try to understand. A smartphone in full crypto winter Anatoly Yakovenko, co-founder and CEO of Solana (SOL), … Read more