Student allowance in Denmark, a model to follow?

The health crisis we have just experienced leads us to collectively question the funding model of studies. The most precarious young people, especially those who have to support their studies to finance them, are those who have potentially been the most affected by the health crisis. Read more: “A young man, young people”: can we … Read more

these bank cards to travel for free

Are you planning to travel abroad soon? Pay attention to the fees that your payments and withdrawals may incur. Fortunately, there are bank cards on the market that can reduce your bill to 0 euros, or almost. After two years of confinement, border closures and restrictions, many of you today have wishes for your holidays … Read more

Leonidas Iza, the inflexible leader at the helm of the indigenous movement in Ecuador

Published on : 06/28/2022 – 15:50 Kichwa, anti-capitalist and president of the Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities of Ecuador (Conaie), Leonidas Iza Salazar is at the head of the Native American protest movement that has paralyzed part of the country since 13 June, including the capital Quito. They are strongly calling for measures to address the … Read more

Hubert Tuillier (economist): “Wanting to make a strategy around your fans is not a bad word and indeed I think it is the best development strategy for a club”

ON France Blue Gironde, Hubert Tuilliersports economist for KPMG Francein particular a sports consultancy company spoke of crowdfunding in professional football. ” KPMG is a consultancy firm, leader in France in particular in the field of sport. I am a former minister of sport, so I am very attached to the French sport model and … Read more

Gold, a pledge in the face of the crisis

The overwhelming majority of pawnbrokers granted by Crédit municipal are based on gold jewelery. The precious metal undeniably remains a safe haven. Share on: “It’s a bit difficult right now, everything is getting very expensive and I’m always out of office when the salary goes down. Jeanine regularly comes to the Poitevine branch of the … Read more

Cryptocurrency thieves steal $ 100 million worth of digital coins from US firm Harmony

How cryptocurrencies work As cryptocurrencies and related technologies enter politics, become intertwined with the economy in general, and impact the environment, everyone can get a sense of what they are and how they work. LOS ANGELES – Harmony, a cryptocurrency firm in the United States, said on Friday it was stolen of about $ 100 … Read more

The euro is consolidating against the dollar, ahead of the weekend indicators

New York (awp / afp) – The euro consolidated its position against the dollar on Monday, after hitting a two-week high, in a lackluster market that awaits central bankers’ statements and indicators on Thursday and Friday. inflation. Around 21:00 GMT, the single currency gained 0.29% against the greenback, at $ 1.0584 for one euro. Previously, … Read more

“The European payments ecosystem is at an important turning point”

Lyra’s story began in 2001 with the security of payment terminals. How is your business and income organized now? Anton Bielakoff – In fact, in 2001, our core business was securing and routing flows from payment terminals, but very quickly our business diversified to become more global, covering electronic banking and online payment. and combining … Read more