US Army Metaverse: Work In Progress?

By changing its name to Meta, Facebook started the race for the metaverse. Financial institutions and tech companies spare no effort to conquer virtual reality. Not wanting to miss the train, the Pentagon is working on the US military metaverse. Earlier this month we talked about Spaceverse, a variant of the metaverse that the US … Read more

OKX partners with Metaverse Everdome ahead of its land auction

OKX enters the metaverse with Everdeme. SEYCHELLES, May 30, 2022 / PRNewswire / – The world’s leading cryptocurrency app OKX announced today that it has acquired substantial land ownership in Everdome, the hyperrealistic metaverse, marking its first foray into the metaverse. As one of Everdome’s major partners, OKX joins a global partnership that is at … Read more

Metaverse: the essential successor to the Internet?

According to Nick Clegg, the former British Deputy Prime Minister and current senior executive at Meta aka Facebook, the metaverse is undeniably the logical continuation of the Internet. And, of course, tech companies will need to do everything possible to ensure its credibility with the general public before its mass adoption. As all industries face … Read more

Seoul Municipality launches its Metaverse

Public Service in Seoul: Bringing Municipal Agents and Citizens Together in the Metaverse. Seoul municipality plans to launch its own virtual world tentatively called “Metaverse Seoul” by the end of next year and to create a metaverse-enabled ecosystem for all areas of its municipal administration, such as economy, culture, tourism. , Education and Civic Education … Read more

Will the metaverse replace your offices?

VIDEO – In his column for the JDD, Sébastien Tortu, marketing consultant and author of DNVB, the (re) new to commerce, he’s interested in the metaverse this week. ” By 2030, people will be able to teleport from place to place without moving off the couch, not just for games and entertainment, but for work … Read more

Summit of the African Metaverse | Africa news

Summit of the African Metaverse Build your career around METAVverse professions and attend the Premier Africa Metaverse Summit If the concept of the Metaverse may seem far from African realities, it seems to be more than just a trend and tends to establish itself as a key component of today’s and tomorrow’s digital.Big companies seem … Read more