Tony Parker has big plans

The NFT and the NBA collide once again and this time they make Tony Parker the melting point. Furthermore, since the launch of NFTs, a good handful of web3 users have shown interest in sports translated into NFT. These collectors hoard the collections ofUsain Boltof the NFLfrom Johnson Magicnor many others. Creators, investors and artists … Read more

An airline issues airline tickets in the form of an NFT

The usefulness of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) is often questioned by some detractors, seeing in it only one form hidden scam, totally useless. Yet there are reports that tend to prove otherwise – and this real world applications are really possible. In fact, an airline low price located in Argentina ad the forthcoming issuance of air … Read more

Crypto: after winter, spring

Blockchain Chronicle. Three themes could emerge as winners from the crisis: regulation, NFT and web3. Not to mention the second level (or L2) speed solutions. The price of Bitcoin has dropped below $ 20,000. It is winter in the world of cryptocurrencies. Two scenarios arise. Either winter continues, the temperature drops again and it is … Read more

NFT: Funko is betting big with DC Comics!

Fri 23 Sep 2022 ▪ 14:00 ▪ 4 minimum reading – within Mikaia ANDRIAMAHAZOARIMANANA For some, the cryptocurrency and NFT market crisis is an opportunity to create tempting projects. This is the case of Funko, the American pop sticker specialist, which he plans to launch In short a “figital” collection of comics at Walmart. Note … Read more

In London, Damien Hirst exhibits NFT and burns his paintings

In his London gallery, the artist presents “The coin“. A project consisting of 10,000 ephemeral paintings that all correspond to an NFT. What is more valuable, the physical or digital artwork? Damien Hirst will present his first exhibition with NFTs in London from Friday 22 September, these digital reproductions that are shaking the art market, … Read more