Ukraine sells Cryptopunk NFT to finance the war

News hardware Ukraine sells Cryptopunk NFT to finance the war Posted on 06/22/2022 at 18:25 Since the fighting began, Ukraine has received strong support from the cryptosphere. Through a cryptocurrency fundraiser, the country got a CryptoPunk NFT last March. This Monday, June 20, 3 months after the donation, the NFT was finally sold to help … Read more

New projects on the horizon!

We are certainly seeing losses in the cryptocurrency and NFT market, but new projects continue to emerge in these sectors. Companies such as SKNUPS and TGV4 Plus have recently raised funds to finance new Web3 projects. At the same time, celebrities like Dorsey and Jay-Z are investing in initiatives to grow the cryptocurrency industry. Web3 … Read more

Binance NFT, Morgan Chapa, Ternoa and Yugnat 999 in the “100 creators” program

Binance NFT Marketplace launch day is getting closer and closer! For its launch on June 24, Binance has just announced the “100 Creators” initiative by invitation only. Talents from all over the world The market will be divided into two separate markets: “Premium Events”: highlighting “well-known” creators, some of whom have already been announced by … Read more

Find out what an NFT is in 14 questions

6 Tired of hearing your friends talk about NFT without really understanding what it is? The editorial staff of Digital describes in 14 questions what are these digital assets that are sometimes traded at gold prices. What is an NFT? NFT is short for non-fungible token. These are unique digital assets whose transactions are carried … Read more

The EXIT festival launches two NFT collections

Ahead of the highly anticipated EXIT Festival to be held in Novi Sad, Serbia, the two-time winner of the Best Major European Festival award will launch two new NFT collections on June 20th and 21st. Many events have started to launch NFT collections or other Web 3.0 related projects, but here EXIT festival completely absorbs … Read more

Spike Lee and The Visible Project publish a collection of NFTs dedicated to cinema

Spike Lee and The Visible Project have announced an NFT collection to celebrate the legendary New York director’s feature film debut, ” You must have it », Released in 1986. This unique collection will support young independent directors. Spike Lee and bitcoin (BTC) Spike Lee it was talked about last year in a controversial advertisement … Read more

▷ NFTs are coming to Instagram!

After Twitter, would Instagram be the next social network to adopt NFT in user flows? Apparently yes! Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram, has unveiled a novelty that changes the daily lives of many users: the application will begin the initial testing phase of its NFT features, including the introduction of cryptocurrencies. The NFT revolution … Read more