An airline issues airline tickets in the form of an NFT

The usefulness of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) is often questioned by some detractors, seeing in it only one form hidden scam, totally useless. Yet there are reports that tend to prove otherwise – and this real world applications are really possible. In fact, an airline low price located in Argentina ad the forthcoming issuance of air … Read more

women are taking over NFTs

Stars, artists and activists are entering the ultra-male market for digital works. The new equality challenge? “Do women have to undress to enter the Met?”, The American women’s collective Guerrilla Girls asked thirty years ago, a provocative way to underline the under-representation of female artists in museums around the world and in particular at the … Read more

The 6 women to absolutely follow in the new world of NFT

Entrepreneurs, artists, activists: they show us the way forward towards a more committed and egalitarian Web3. Yam Karkai, founder of World of Women Strengthening through art. A pioneer, this artist co-founded World of Women (WoW) in 2021, a community that doubled as a platform, bringing together over 10,000 NFT works by women. Become, to date, … Read more

What if NFTs improved our sleep?

Gamification is everywhere, even in sleep. One initiative promises anyone who adheres to a certain rest routine each night to accumulate NFTs. More than 30,000 people are currently on the waiting list to join Sleepagotchi. every day, only a few people are invited to join the Alpha version of this new player in health gamification. … Read more

the intriguing proposal of a Parisian collective

The initiative of the Parisian studio LCD Lab aims to build a bridge between the Web3 and physical art: behind the promises, even the communication of the collective raises questions. The NFT community of the Solana blockchain vibrates from this announcement by the Parisian collective LCD Lab on August 23, which promises “a new generation … Read more

TOKEN2049, Asia’s Largest Web3 Event, Exclusively Reveals Over $ 100 Million in NFT Digital Assets

The unprecedented and immersive OP3N WHALE NFT exhibition highlights works presented to the public for the first time SINGAPORE, September 22, 2022– (BUSINESS WIRE) – TOKEN2049, Asia’s leading cryptocurrency conference, has announced that an immersive first NFT experience, the OP3N WHALE shows NFT, will be the protagonist of the next edition, which will take place … Read more