NFT to combat CO2 emissions

Global warming is driving companies and citizens to innovate in the environmental field. CarbonAble aims to support ecological and sustainable decarbonization projects through an NFT supported by the sale of carbon credits. To combat global warming, CarbonAble has launched several NFT collections to accelerate financial support for environmental projects. To reduce carbon dioxide emissions and … Read more

WeChat in China prohibits cryptocurrency and NFT related accounts

The policy also covers secondary NFT trading, as the company notes that “accounts providing services or content related to the secondary transaction of digital collections must also be addressed.” China’s leading social media platform WeChat has updated its policies to ban accounts that provide access to cryptocurrency or NFT services. Under the new guidelines, accounts … Read more

what is “web3”, the new internet age?

A trendy concept that agitates both the technological sphere and communicators, the “web3” is presented by its supporters as the new version of the Internet, more decentralized and based on “blockchain”, the technology behind NFT and cryptocurrencies. “It seems to be more of a marketing expression than a reality at the moment,” however, criticized Tesla … Read more

Is the NFT bubble bursting?

Digital art and NFT are making their way to Art Basel, the great contemporary art fair, with art market stars such as American Jeff Koons joining this booming segment. Pace gallery has unveiled the first piece in a series of sculptures that the artist known for his balloon dog and tulips intends to send to … Read more

How Ukraine wants to use NFTs to save its culture from Russian invasion

Ukraine is betting on NFTs to save its cultural heritage from war. All artworks will be digitized on the blockchain. Ukraine has just announced its intention to use the tokens non-fungible assets (NFT) to protect one’s cultural heritage. Michael Chobanian, chief of Blockchain Association of Ukraine (ABU)the project announced at the Consensus 2022 conference in … Read more

What opportunities for fashion retailers?

Whether the metaverse, NFTs or the Web3 are part of this new vocabulary that puts the fashion industry in tension, the economic opportunities generated by the digital universe and the sustainability of this new model remain unanswered questions. The first Metaverse Fashion Week, which took place from 24 to 27 March on the Decentraland platform, … Read more

Christie NFT Manager Noah Davis Joins Yuga Labs as Manager of Popular NFT Collection, CryptoPunks | Cryptopunk

Christie’s NFT chief announced on Sunday that he will join industry heavyweight Yuga Labs as head of the recently acquired CryptoPunks collection. I am honored and honored to announce that I will leave my current position in July to manage CryptoPunks as a Brand Lead under the umbrella of @yugalab before saying anything else it … Read more