NFT: ApeCoin DAO Monkeys Decide To Stay On Ethereum – From Boredom To Sleep

Still no avalanche of monkeys! – The decentralized autonomous organization, ApeCoin DAO, started a vote on May 2, 2022. The proposal was to whether ApeCoin (APE) should remain on the Ethereum blockchain. The DAO also investigated the possibility of switching to an alternative layer 2 or another blockchain. The owners of ApeCoin, through the governance … Read more

THE BLOCKCHAIN ​​GROUP – Sponsorlive opens the second market of its NFT platform dedicated to rugby – 14/06/2022 – 09:00

With several tens of thousands of auctions since its launch in late March, the NFT platform dedicated to rugby Fanlivecards continues its popularity. With the support of The Blockchain Xdev (subsidiary of The Blockchain Group), it now allows the exchange of digital cards and payment in tez or euros. Paris, June 14, 2022 – Sponsorlive, … Read more

The NFT price collapses, the trading volume increases

In the midst of the Crypto Crash, the minimum price of popular NFT collections like Bored Ape Yacht Club and CryptoPunks collapses. Taking advantage of the unexpected opportunity, investors massively buy the tokens of these collections. Since the beginning of June 2022, the cryptocurrency market has collapsed. The fall is so dizzying that this event … Read more

what is “web3”, the new internet age?

What evolution of the Internet does “web3” embody? The “web3” would be the third age in the history of the Internet, successor, according to its defenders, of Web 1.0, which reigned from the beginning of the 90s to the mid-2000s, and of Web 2.0, hegemonic from the decade of 2010 Embodied by actors such as … Read more

Mainnet Ternoa, promised land of NFT technology

Ternoa is a French project that has many ideas. As the entire ecosystem falters, its blockchain technology that redefines non-fungible tokens continues to evolve. A smooth journey that delivers month after month the NFT and network innovations that make this unique project unique. With the arrival of a perfectly functioning and above all very promising … Read more

NFT purchase: are NFTs dead? Why the end of the hype?

Facebook Twitter Messenger Whatsapp LinkedIn According to the Pymnts website, the number of active NFT wallets also decreased by about 88%, with 14,000 wallets active in the last week of April 2022, compared to 119,000 in November 2021. Rising interest rates held back riskier bets on financial markets. And the NFT they are highly speculative. … Read more

Saint Laurent, Les Echos, Marcel … NFT, do you want some?

This is the watchword of the moment: NFT. Non-fungible tokens are on everyone’s lips for anyone who works in marketing. But not only. According to the Onclusive research institute, metaverse and NFT have seen a skyrocketing increase in the media in recent months. NFTs alone saw their media exposure multiply by five in one year … Read more