“What’s his job?”

Interview with Leon Avatar, Publicis Chief Metaverse Officer. In this new “What is your job?” », Focus on the post of Chief officer of the metaverse. Promoted with great enthusiasm by Publicis, this title corresponds in Arthur Sadoun’s group to a virtual avatar specialized in the web3 and the metaverse. Leon Avatarthe world’s first Chief … Read more

women are all in the spotlight

Women are wronged in the metaverse. Yet the fairer sex should represent a significant quotient of users. The sectors that affect the female world are not sufficiently developed on the web3. A massive education of the fair sex on the subject should also change the situation. Analysts estimate a metaverse market valuation at $ 50.37 … Read more

“Don’t become a commodity”

As NFT sales plummet amid the global cryptocurrency crash, Avenged Sevenfold singer Mr. Shadows took to social media to share a message of perseverance and encouragement for artists and fans who want to see the continued use of NFTs as means of independent artistic creation. When the Western economy went into recession, the cryptocurrency sphere … Read more

The smart contract revolution?

Developed in secret by three French researchers between 2017 and 2020, then made public 2 years ago, the Massa blockchain comes out of the shadows and gets noticed. He wants to disrupt the blockchain ecosystem with several groundbreaking innovations, including the first smart contracts autonomous. Discover this new blockchain, which offers a new approach with … Read more

Verdant Capital Hybrid Fund makes its first investment in Watu Credit Uganda Limited

This $ 7 million deal will allow Watu to expand its motorcycle financing business across Uganda. From Johannesburg, South Africa, Verdant Capital announced that its Verdant Capital Hybrid Fund (Fund) has made its first investment, dedicated to Watu Credit Uganda Limited (Watu). With this $ 7 million deal, Watu will be able to expand its … Read more

Crypto Mining: KadenaHashing (KH) increases NFT purchase rewards

Mon 15 August 2022 ▪ 14:00 ▪ 5 minimum reading – within Mikaia ANDRIAMAHAZOARIMANANA After successfully launching its 15,000 HK NFTs, KadenaHashing announces the acquisition of cryptocurrency mining high-performance, the KD Max. 20 miners, purchased for $ 11,000 each, then add to the fleet of this PoW Kadena (KDA) blockchain mining specialist based in Dallas, … Read more

NFT purchase: are NFTs dead? Why the end of the hype?

Facebook Twitter Messenger Whatsapp LinkedIn According to the Pymnts website, the number of active NFT wallets also decreased by about 88%, with 14,000 active wallets in the last week of April 2022, compared to 119,000 in November 2021. Rising interest rates held back riskier bets on financial markets. And the NFT they are highly speculative. … Read more