The NFT market is going through a complicated period

The NFT market is facing a sharp decline in trading volume, according to data from the company The NFT market is in the throes of massive abandonment due to risk aversion, according to data from company Recall that an NFT (“Non Fungible Token” or non-fungible token) is a digital security, issued by a … Read more

Seoul Municipality launches its Metaverse

Public Service in Seoul: Bringing Municipal Agents and Citizens Together in the Metaverse. Seoul municipality plans to launch its own virtual world tentatively called “Metaverse Seoul” by the end of next year and to create a metaverse-enabled ecosystem for all areas of its municipal administration, such as economy, culture, tourism. , Education and Civic Education … Read more

China Construction Bank ranks first among the top 20 Asia-Pacific banks

As economic activities nearly reached pre-COVID-19 levels in 2021, most of the top 20 APAC banks experienced substantial growth in their revenue streams. Overall revenue increased 11.4% to $ 1.5 trillion, reveals GlobalData, a leading data and analytics company. China continues to dominate the APAC top 20 by revenue with 13 banking institutions, followed by … Read more

Will Apple Enter NFTs? We strongly doubt it

On social networks, more and more people seem convinced that Apple will release a collection of NFTs. Is such a change of philosophy possible in the company? Let us doubt. Apple, one of the most influential companies on the planet (if not the most influential), will it launch into NFT? According to a growing number … Read more

Cryptocurrency “is not stable enough to be a good means of payment” – Bitcoin News Regulation

The governor of the central bank of Jamaica has warned people who use or consider using cryptocurrencies to be aware of the associated risks. The governor added that the unpredictability of cryptocurrencies means they cannot function as a medium of exchange. Not stable enough to be a good means of payment Bank of Jamaica Governor … Read more

Blockchain: In the Philippines, a training program for non-financial applications

Who is a blockchain expert here? – The Philippines you want to go further in the adventure blockchain by launching a program of training in the field. This initiative, however, would not be meant to promote Bitcoin (BTC) or cryptocurrencies. The country wants to use blockchain especially outside the financial sphere. Soon local blockchain experts … Read more

solutions dedicated to temporary workers

Of Dorotea Pierry May 17, 2022 . As a temporary worker, you have access to specific loan solutions. First of all, if you go through the “classic” banking system., know that there are 3 types of credits dedicated to temporary workersfor loans for an amount equal to between 500 and 12,000 euros (see these interim … Read more