Livret A, PEL, life insurance … What investments are being driven by the rise in interest rates?

The European Central Bank will raise its key rates in July. And by extension, several savings products could see their rates rise in the coming months. Explanations. It is the end of an era. For years, the European Central Bank (ECB) has continuously injected money to support the European economy. But the situation is changing. … Read more

The metaverse has its first homelessness, the visible embodiment of the invisible

The initiative was born from an association that helps people in precarious situations. As McKinsey released a report on the economic opportunities of the metaverse on Wednesday, a fictional homeless man named Will has been venturing into one of his virtual worlds since late March. The goal is to question users of these platforms on … Read more

Is blockchain and art compatible?

It is difficult to give an exhaustive definition of what art is, as it can be protean and arouse different and sometimes contradictory emotions. New technologies ; for those who know little about them or have an aversion to them; they are often described as cold and soulless, by their very nature. What if a … Read more

FBI Says LinkedIn Fraud Is A “Significant Threat” To The Platform And Consumers – Reuters

SAN FRANCISCO – Scammers who leverage LinkedIn to lure users into cryptocurrency investment programs pose a “significant threat” to the platform and consumers, according to Sean Ragan, the FBI special agent responsible for field offices in San Francisco and Sacramento, California. “It’s a significant threat,” Ragan said in an exclusive interview. “This type of fraudulent … Read more

XY Labs will launch a new secure system

Is it possible to create an Oracle network ecosystem that will be fully functional and will be able to collect and then validate geospatial data anonymously? A few years ago it would have been logical to answer this question in the negative. However, now the answer is “yes”. Indeed, the company XY Labs, plans to … Read more

Understand halving in just 3 minutes

Halving is inseparable from the Bitcoin project as it was thought of since the creation of this cryptocurrency by its founder Satoshi Nakamoto. This reduction process will take place in stages until the last of the 21 million Bitcoins is extracted. Each halving is an event that affects the price of a cryptocurrency, its miners … Read more

Saint Laurent, Les Echos, Marcel … NFT, do you want some?

This is the watchword of the moment: NFT. Non-fungible tokens are on everyone’s lips for anyone who works in marketing. But not only. According to the Onclusive research institute, metaverse and NFT have seen a skyrocketing increase in the media in recent months. NFTs alone saw their media exposure multiply by five in one year … Read more

BNP Paribas would be interested in ABN Amro, the latter’s share price skyrockets – 06/17/2022 14:41

(AOF) – BNP Paribas has expressed interest in a possible acquisition of ABN Amro Bank, which has been government-owned since the financial crisis, Bloomberg reports. The French bank recently contacted the Dutch government and discussed its interest in a transaction, unidentified sources said. BNP Paribas is interested in ABN Amro’s commercial and corporate activities, as … Read more

Montpellier hosts its first NFT show

On June 17, appointment in Montpellier for the NFT MTP DAY. An event organized by the NFT VITRUVIUS GALLERY, the first physical gallery in France. The program of the day During the day you will be able to meet many Web 3.0 and NFT experts thanks to the specialized stands. These stands are the perfect … Read more