receives regulatory green light in Singapore is approaching the possibility of offering more payment services to Singapore customers. However, the Singapore regulator has warned cryptocurrency players against any abusive practice. on Wednesday received in-principle approval from Singapore authorities for its license for the leading payment institution, the first of many regulatory confirmations needed by the exchange to expand its … Read more

Do you speak blockchain? | News on paper jams

LOCK CHAIN Or “blockchain” is an official public information record. Each block (or folder) has a size in megabytes. MINORS Since there is no central authority (the bank in a banking transaction), the operations must be validated by the miners, that is, they must solve a complex mathematical operation. The first to find the solution … Read more

Cryptocurrencies are accused of being a danger to payment systems

The cryptocurrency is accused of endangering the infrastructure of payment systems. For the founder of a new British bank, the cryptocurrency sector is dangerous and companies in the sector still lack regulation. Credits: Piqsels Anne Boden, founder of the Starling digital bank, believes the cryptocurrency industry represents a huge danger to payment systems in the … Read more

Alexander Stachchenko (KPMG): “This big scrubbing of the cryptocurrency market was needed”

June 25, 2022 Today at 03:40 Alexandre Stachchenko (KPMG) is one of the best analysts in the cryptocurrency market. For the Echo he decrypts the current crash, which highlights the flaws in the sector. Cryptocurrency specialist Alexandre Stachchenko was in Belgium to attend the first Brussels Blockchain Week. A good opportunity to discover a nascent … Read more

Sexual harassment, a problem already present in the metaverse?

Occurring in early December in Horizon Worlds, Meta’s social virtual reality platform, a case of sexual harassment would have been considered an act “Absolutely unhappy”. The real world problems already present in the metaverse, the future of the Internet in particular praised by Mark Zuckerberg. Announced in 2019, Horizon Worlds is a virtual reality platform … Read more