VIVERSE to get Japanese anime style avatars

28 July 2022 – VIVERSO, HTC’s metaverse platform, this week announced its partnership with pixiv Inc., which runs pixiv, a Japanese online community for artists. The alliance will bring Japanese anime-style avatars to VIVERSE by integrating pixiv’s 3D character modeling software “VRoid Studio” with the VIVERSE platform to provide users with more options to creatively … Read more

Crypto: Martin Shkreli wants to cure all diseases in the world with

Could cryptocurrencies improve the health of the whole world? Martin Shkreli wants to experience this through a new project. When technology and health go hand in hand Do cryptocurrencies have the power to change the world? Along with the big cryptocurrency CEOs shouting it from the rooftops, that impression continues to spread. Inflation has restored … Read more

Zuckerberg was not impressed with the Metaverse division’s $ 2.8 billion loss in the second quarter

“It’s obviously a very expensive business in the next few years,” said Mark Zuckerberg. Meta’s virtual reality (VR) and metaverse division Reality Labs posted its seventh consecutive quarter of losses, but CEO Mark Zuckerberg remains committed to investing in the technology, which he calls a “huge opportunity.” During Meta’s second quarter earnings call on July … Read more

Meta announces a second quarter operating loss of $ 2.8 billion for its Metavers division

Interested in what the outlook is for the gaming industry? Join gaming executives to discuss the emerging parts of the industry in October at GamesBeat Summit Next. Register today. Meta’s second quarter results showed us that Mark Zuckerberg’s metaverse view is still very expensive. And his losses in his VR division reached $ 2.8 billion … Read more

providing powerful cryptocurrency exchange platforms to global companies

NOTTINGHAM, England, July 27, 2022 / PRNewswire / – Despite a cryptocurrency winter, the market is showing increasing adoption. Growth within the cryptocurrency market has been fueled primarily by venture capitalists who have invested in technology and other entrepreneurs looking to launch cryptocurrency-based platforms, including cryptocurrency exchanges, to generate revenue. Antier Solutions: Empowering companies with … Read more

The Real Guide to CBDCs | Part 1

CBDCs relate “central bank digital currencies”in other words, the digital currencies of central banks. They are concrete proof of central banks’ interest in the digital world. Their conditions of release, their functioning and their potential are all factors carefully examined by the whole community. Here is a guide to CBDC, which allows you to understand … Read more

MNA token issuer Apple invests in CTBIT Crypto Exchange

Istanbul, Turkey- (COMMERCIAL LINE) –Star Apple Labs Limited, a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization), has announced the issuance of MNA tokens. These tokens are created on blockchain technology with the aim of solving the irrationality and inefficiency of the M&A market. People are aware of the ever-growing potential of the mergers and acquisitions market. However, with … Read more