cyberattack-proof blockchain and cryptocurrencies

cyberattack-proof blockchain and cryptocurrencies

KPMG France, leader in Audit and Consulting, reveals the results of its Cybersecurity for Blockchain and Cryptos 2022 study, which provides an inventory of vulnerabilities in the blockchain and crypto ecosystem, at a time of exponential development of decentralized finance, the total amount invested the funds represent 10.6% of the entire cryptocurrency market. Among other … Read more

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies: quesaco?

Montaigne Conseil presents a series of articles aimed at giving you an idea of ​​what these assets represent, and to answer some questions that any investor could ask themselves: security, transfer, succession, diversification and exploitation. We will start by introducing the genesis of cryptocurrencies (I) before explaining how they work in a banal way (II). … Read more

What is the impact of blockchain on the entertainment industry?

The entertainment industry is no exception, for example in 2021 funding for blockchain entertainment start-ups increased 713% from the previous year to $ 25.2 billion. In this article, we invite you to see how blockchain can impact this sector. The blockchain for greater efficiency Until now, the blockchain has mainly been used as a digital … Read more

Bitcoin does not replace “cash”, quite the opposite

The monetary department of the Bank of Canada, with the support of the Orleans Economics Laboratory, has been interested in the effects of bitcoin on the level of “cash” assets of Canadian consumers. (Photo: 123RF) LES KEYS DE LA CRYPTO is a section that patiently decodes the world of cryptocurrency and its stock, industrial and … Read more

publication of the European regulation Pilot scheme

On 2 June 2022, the European regulation on a pilot project for market infrastructures based on distributed ledger technology was published in the Official Journal of the European Union. The text will enter into force on 23 March 2023. Development of a secondary market for security tokens This pilot scheme, with an initial duration of … Read more

What are the three generations of cryptocurrencies?

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, these three currencies correspond to three different generations of cryptocurrencies. Each generation tries to correct the imperfections of the previous one: exponential electricity consumption, excessive costs and transaction times … The three generations of cryptocurrencies are the following: the Bitcoinsmart contract e blockchain optimized. 1D. generation: Bitcoin For cryptocurrencies, it all started … Read more

PayPal now allows cryptocurrency exchanges to and from other platforms

The American giant of online payments, PayPal, has just taken a new step in its commitment to cryptocurrencies. In fact, according to a press release published by the company on Tuesday, June 7, 2022, its users can now send, receive and transfer bitcoins and others. cryptocurrencies to external portfolios and exchange platforms. © moovstock / … Read more

Blockchain and its carbon footprint

Considering all the areas of application of the blockchain reveals the horizon of a possible new transformation of our society, but above all of our environment. The latter is often the element excluded from the great industrial revolutions. However, since 2015, the environment has been the host of great debates and represents a great challenge … Read more