a woman tried for the murder of her husband, after writing a text on “how to kill a husband”

Nancy Brophy, the prime suspect in her husband’s death, was expected to receive nearly $ 1.4 million in life insurance. She insists that she was “better off financially with Dan alive than with Dan dead”. “The guns are too loud. The poison may not work. A hitman could report you to the police“Wrote Nancy Brophy … Read more

Disappeared in 2019, the young Wissem has been found

The young woman allegedly admitted to prostitution since her disappearance in July 2019 at the age of 16. She literally passed away in July 2019, at the age of 16. Her cell phone had been limited for the last time to Bezons, in Val-d’Oise. Young Wissem was finally “found safe and sound on the night … Read more

The murder of a young woman was cleared up thirty-six years later

Entrusted to the “cold case” group in Grenoble, the investigation into the disappearance of Marie-Thérèse Bonfanti has just led to a confession. Grenoble (Isère) It took thirty-six years for the outcome of the Bonfanti affair, named after this young woman who died in May 1986 near Pontcharra, in Isère, at the age of 25. Thirty-six … Read more

Sport at the service of women’s emancipation | Culture-Sport

Ho Chi Minh City (VNA) – By allowing women to be involved individually, sport is proving to be a huge lever for their empowerment. Meet Captain Huynh Nhu, the most successful footballer of the Ballon d’Or of Vietnam. Striker Huynh Nhu (right) stands out for his speed and dribbling technique. Photo: VNA / CVN In … Read more

how to age well in the company?

It is a taboo subject: almost one in two women in France does not work after 55 years. How do you age well in business, in a world that values ​​the energy of people between the ages of thirty and forty? And where age is most appreciated when you are a man. The figures speak … Read more

a teenager beaten on the street by her ex-boyfriend in La Courneuve

Broadcast on Twitter, the scene is incredibly violent. The 16-year-old victim did not file a complaint, citing the fear of reprisals. “I thought it would kill me. I still have scars and physical marks. I often think about it“Confides Cindy *, in shock. This 16-year-old girl was violently beaten in the middle of the street … Read more

The genius of resilient women in the fight against COVID-19 | Agency

A teacher from Chanh Hung College in Ho Chi Minh City leads an online French course. Photo: CVN Hanoi (VNA) – In the context of the complicated evolution of COVID-19, the first collateral victims of the health crisis are women, many of whom simultaneously take on a multitude of roles such as financial support, housework … Read more

accused police officer

During a check-up on Sunday, he shot a car that was speeding towards an officer, killing two people. The police officer who repeatedly opened fire on a vehicle suspected of having forced a check near the Pont-Neuf in Paris on Sunday evening, killing two of his passengers, was indicted on Wednesday evening, mainly for “voluntary … Read more