In Turkey, the taboo on menstruation has been lifted

In Erdogan’s country, where the subject of menstruation is still taboo and where women’s rights are constantly violated, initiatives are moving the boundaries: menstrual leave, sanitary napkins distribution, bills of exchange … A revolution. It was a summer morning in 2016. With a twisted stomach and confused head, like every new moon, Merve Bakir took … Read more

green light in Grenoble after a tight municipal vote

The resolution was adopted with a limited majority of 29 votes in favor, 27 against and two abstentions, after 2 hours and 30 minutes of sometimes tense debates. It was 8:50 pm when Grenoble’s city council voted to change the internal regulations of its swimming pools, paving the way for authorization to use the burkini … Read more

Lula, the old lion of the Brazilian left, in reconquest

A former steel worker who shined baby shoes when his family was starving in northeastern Brazil, Lula is facing a new challenge at the age of 76 seeking a third presidential term. Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, a favorite in the polls, announced his candidacy on Saturday, promising to “rebuild Brazil” after the “irresponsible and … Read more

The pupil was expelled from the police academy on fabricated charges

Saint Denis (93) – Ogur was almost a policeman. He also joined the Draveil Police Academy (91). But in March 2022 he was fired on the basis of false accusations. He allegedly made threatening remarks towards one of his coaches him. A case that will be closed without further action by the Paris Public Prosecutor’s … Read more

in Canada gymnasts break the silence

They may appear adamant on a beam, head held high, but their performance hid a profound evil: Canadian gymnasts denounce their sport’s “toxic culture”, physical and psychological abuse, and sue their national federation. Public insults, extreme weight control and food deprivation, excessive straining, forbidden tears, inappropriate physical contact … Abused bodies and minds in gymnastics … Read more

Sport at the service of women’s emancipation | Culture-Sport

Ho Chi Minh City (VNA) – By allowing women to be involved individually, sport is proving to be a huge lever for their empowerment. Meet Captain Huynh Nhu, the most successful footballer of the Ballon d’Or of Vietnam. Striker Huynh Nhu (right) stands out for his speed and dribbling technique. Photo: VNA / CVN In … Read more

“Violence against children threatens to darken the future of Burkina Faso” (COBUFADE)

This is the message of Madame BASSINGA / TRAORE Solange, President of the Coalition in Burkina Faso for the rights of the child (COBUFADE), on the occasion of the Pan-African Learning Symposium on the prevention of violence. No African country – including Burkina Faso – is immune from the terrible scourge of violence against children. … Read more

Ukraine: Ukrainian model Tanya Ruban talks about motherhood in wartime

On February 24, 2022, Vladimir Poutine ordered the invasion of Ukraine and launched the first offensive on the country. Since then, images of this conflict have been omnipresent in the media and in our minds. Horror images that haunt us and highlight one thing: women are on all fronts. Because Ukrainian women play a leading … Read more

the ordeal of mothers who want to protect their child

Children victims of incest who we do not believe and who are sent to spend the weekend with the attacking parent, mothers accused of manipulation and who are called into question: the protection of children is often studded with trials for mothers. The Independent Commission on Incest and Sexual Abuse of Children (Ciivise), mandated by … Read more

The LSD Record label presents “GUIDELAM” a song by La Dieyna

“GUIDELAM”, the new work of La Dieyna is a popular song, a hymn that celebrates love, said by a woman who realizes she feels ready to love with joy … you can think of a first love, or the day before at a wedding or the meeting when it finally arrives, the D-Day or the … Read more