Sport at the service of women’s emancipation | Culture-Sport

Ho Chi Minh City (VNA) – By allowing women to be involved individually, sport is proving to be a huge lever for their empowerment. Meet Captain Huynh Nhu, the most successful footballer of the Ballon d’Or of Vietnam. Striker Huynh Nhu (right) stands out for his speed and dribbling technique. Photo: VNA / CVN In … Read more

“Violence against children threatens to darken the future of Burkina Faso” (COBUFADE)

This is the message of Madame BASSINGA / TRAORE Solange, President of the Coalition in Burkina Faso for the rights of the child (COBUFADE), on the occasion of the Pan-African Learning Symposium on the prevention of violence. No African country – including Burkina Faso – is immune from the terrible scourge of violence against children. … Read more

The LSD Record label presents “GUIDELAM” a song by La Dieyna

“GUIDELAM”, the new work of La Dieyna is a popular song, a hymn that celebrates love, said by a woman who realizes she feels ready to love with joy … you can think of a first love, or the day before at a wedding or the meeting when it finally arrives, the D-Day or the … Read more


My film career has been marked by a number of films, including some African films discovered in particular thanks to my teacher and late friend N. Sail and the African Film Festival of Khouribga (Rencontres du Cinéma Africain up to the fifth edition of the 1992). Among these exceptional films there is one that I … Read more

Launch of the “Her World Her Rules” program in Casablanca, aimed at gender equality

This Sunday, May 8, 2022 in Casablanca, will see the official launch of the “Her World Her Rules” program, which aims at gender equality through basketball. Between May and August 2022: – 1000 girls will be introduced to basketball, encouraged, accompanied and will receive their own basketball – High impact symbol for the autonomy of … Read more

A unique and affordable wedding ring at the Salon de l’Alliance

Itinerant and unique, the Salons de l’Alliance display the wedding rings of the newlyweds every year. Places of symbolic navigation, these Salons are characterized by a quality offer, but above all a unique concept: for each alliance purchased, the second one is free. An exceptional and unique concept Founded in 2015 by Hanna Mechaly, the … Read more

The genius of resilient women in the fight against COVID-19 | Agency

A teacher from Chanh Hung College in Ho Chi Minh City leads an online French course. Photo: CVN Hanoi (VNA) – In the context of the complicated evolution of COVID-19, the first collateral victims of the health crisis are women, many of whom simultaneously take on a multitude of roles such as financial support, housework … Read more

Tales of love in the Koran … Or when love is stronger than war

The Quran is full of stories, each as instructive as the other. But from the very beginning the Koran warns us against any false interpretation: “So, we tell you some stories from times gone by and it is truly a memory from us that we bring to you” (Sura Taha – V99). “We have sent … Read more

National: Blagnac an atypical club among the professionals

Blagnac an atypical club among the professionals Blagnac is an atypical club, which holds the leading roles in the national team with a workforce made up mostly of multi-active players who train three times a week, in the evening after working hours. A real paradox in a league where all the clubs train on a … Read more

The long march towards employment for the long-term unemployed

In December 2021, Steven de la Rue, Alix Vasseur and Karim Amram attended a morning of “re-mobilization” organized by their agency Rouen Pôle Emploi. His goal: to restore confidence after a long period of unemployment and to start personalized support with them over time. → REPORT. Long-term unemployed, the proceeds of Pôle emploi “Our support … Read more