Wealth management consultants want to increase their cryptocurrency offerings

Cryptocurrencies are an opportunity, especially with the return of inflation and at a time when Livret A is at its lowest“, Explains an asset management consultant (CGP) whose company is working to offer crypto products with guaranteed passive returns for individuals”in the months of November – December, if all goes well. Many people have invested … Read more

What are the three generations of cryptocurrencies?

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, these three currencies correspond to three different generations of cryptocurrencies. Each generation tries to correct the imperfections of the previous one: exponential electricity consumption, excessive costs and transaction times … The three generations of cryptocurrencies are the following: the Bitcoinsmart contract e blockchain optimized. 1D. generation: Bitcoin For cryptocurrencies, it all started … Read more

Despite the incident, the crypto ecosystem keeps morale high

The financial woes of players like Celsius Network or Three Arrows Capital may have signaled the end of the cryptocurrency craze, already undermined by the brutal and spectacular fall of the stablecoin into the Earth ecosystem in early May. But even with bitcoin hitting lows since December 2020 or ether to November 2021 levels, the … Read more