NFT: beware of scams

The NFT market started gaining momentum in 2020, growing over 300% year-over-year and representing millions of dollars of cryptocurrency. During the first week of May 2022, the sale of these tokens then collapsed by 92% compared to last September. However, the market still generates the equivalent of millions of dollars, raising many concerns about the … Read more

OnlyOne, the first French green fintech, obtains an investment commitment of 35 million euros from Global Emerging Markets (GEM)

GGY will provide OnlyOne with a share subscription facility of up to €35 million for a period of 36 months following a public listing, which will allow OnlyOne to raise funds by issuing shares to GEM. OnlyOne will control the timing and amount of such withdrawals and has no minimum withdrawal requirements. OnlyOne will use … Read more

The failure of FTX will strengthen the cryptocurrency’s search for meaning

By Arthur de la Brunière, Web3 analyst, EY Fabernovel. While October was already reported as the month with the most protocol hacks, with an estimated $760 million stolen, the famed “cryptosphere” once again finds itself weakened. As a reminder, the cumulative total of cryptocurrency attacks in 2022 amounts to $2.98 billion, a record. This new … Read more

Cryptocurrencies and the specter of gold-plating

By Lionel Lafontaine, senior manager of Square Management Cryptocurrencies are the subject of many fantasies and distrusts, in particular because they are little known and mastered by few players. However, current practices and fraud require the establishment of fair rules, which make it possible to distribute the cards of a healthy business and to calm … Read more

Opening of the NFT Factory: what impact on the sector?

What are NFTs? What are the links with Web3? NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are tokens similar to those used in cryptocurrencies and allow you to digitize various information, partly stored in a blockchain. Their non-fungible character allows for a multitude of uses in various sectors such as luxury, video games, real estate or even the … Read more

Global fintech market outlook (third quarter 2022)

GP Bullhound publishes qualitative insights into broader Fintech trends and public and private assessments across the business spectrum, as well as interviews with today’s leaders who are transforming the industry. Claudio Alvarez, Partner of GP Bullhound, commented: “Several key trends continued to emerge in the third quarter of 2022. India has established itself as a … Read more

Swiss Blockchain Summit | The Blockchain: an innovation engine for SMEs?

A day of conferences and round tables around the theme of Blockchain for an immersion open to all business leaders, entrepreneurs and innovators. The Blockchain, everyone is talking about it, but what is it? What can be done with this revolutionary technology? Making this concept accessible to as many people as possible is the goal … Read more

The main challenges of Meta-banks

Operations Transformation, Next Generation Engagement and Interaction … Banks today are fully aware of the gigantic potential of the metaverse. Equipped with technologies such as NFT, augmented / virtual reality, and blockchain, the metaverse, however, presents its own risks and challenges. For banks, some innovations can have real-world implications, such as managing fraud and money … Read more

Blockchain and its carbon footprint

Considering all the areas of application of the blockchain reveals the horizon of a possible new transformation of our society, but above all of our environment. The latter is often the element excluded from the great industrial revolutions. However, since 2015, the environment has been the host of great debates and represents a great challenge … Read more

NatWest and Vodeno form a strategic partnership

NatWest Group plc (“NatWest Group”) has entered into a strategic partnership with the Vodeno Group (which includes Vodeno Limited and its subsidiaries) to establish a UK banking as a service (BaaS) business. This strategic partnership will enable companies to integrate financial products such as payments, deposits, point of sale credit and merchant cash advances directly … Read more