When elderly and young people form a roommate

It was the first time at the University of Luxembourg. Thursday afternoon, a Speed ​​dating intergenerational was held at the House of Arts and Students in Belval. A way like any other to create a coexistence between young and old. He has a smile on his face, Françoise. Here she is for the first time … Read more

A solidarity meal to help the children of India and Nepal

The NGO AEIN will organize its Indian and Nepalese festival on June 5th. The opportunity to discover the association and support it in its projects. After a year of pause due to Covid, the celebrations for the NGO Aid to Children of India and Nepal (AEIN) resume. But this year things are changing a bit. … Read more

after the crisis, population growth is accelerating

The population in Luxembourg continues to increase and counted 645,397 residents as of 1 January 2022. This figure is mainly due to net immigration and to a trend that is returning to pre-pandemic levels. The evolution of the Luxembourg population has returned to the levels prior to the Covid-19 crisis. Statec announced Thursday in its … Read more


My film career has been marked by a number of films, including some African films discovered in particular thanks to my teacher and late friend N. Sail and the African Film Festival of Khouribga (Rencontres du Cinéma Africain up to the fifth edition of the 1992). Among these exceptional films there is one that I … Read more

young people prepare for the future

In one day, students should be able to discover all the possibilities available to them for their future choices. This is at least the goal of the country’s first Scholfoire. Today we have a very diversified offer, now we have to invest in guidance “, Claude Meisch, Minister of National Education, Childhood and Youth insisted … Read more