Top 10 Jobs You Can Already Do in the Metaverse

Hello my little tech flashlights. So how is your life in the metaverse going for you? huh? Have you ever set foot there? Oh?? Got nothing to place? Ah, you mean you don’t give a shit other than masturbating in this crappy virtual world? Ah well ok. The words are spoken. The terms are established. … Read more

Back to the highlights of the first live Journal du Luxe 3.0 live from VivaTech.

Web3, Metaverse, AI, AR / VR, phygital … Every day new brands are launched into these new worlds. To decipher the thick news, analyze and learn but also receive expert opinion, the Journal du Luxe has officially launched its live show which will take place every 15 days. For its inaugural edition, the Journal du … Read more

Metaverse and churches: a new form of virtual world

Virtual reality church Bible is one of the many evolving spiritual spaces in the metaverse. It has seen its size and popularity increase dramatically during the pandemic. COVID-19. Founded in the United States in 2016 from DJ Sotoa parish priest based in FredericksburgVirginia, Bible of the Church VR has seen its number of attendees steadily … Read more