love, glory and no mercy / Premier League / Justice /

love, glory and no mercy / Premier League / Justice /

From 10 to 19 May, the UK Royal Court of Justice was the scene of the much-followed trial of the “Wagatha Christie” case. In the spotlight: a major dispute between the wives of two footballers, Coleen Rooney and Rebekah Vardy, the latter suing the former for defamation after the latter publicly accused her of leaking … Read more

Women’s leadership and legal reforms under the magnifying glass of the NCP

The report, written by 16 authors – including 10 women – and led by Senior Fellow Nouzha Chekrouni, former Minister Delegate for Foreign Affairs and Responsible Cooperation of Moroccans residing abroad and former Moroccan ambassador to Canada, highlights the long road traveled since independence. Whether on a legal, political or socio-economic level, the reforms that … Read more

In Turkey, the taboo on menstruation has been lifted

In Erdogan’s country, where the subject of menstruation is still taboo and where women’s rights are constantly violated, initiatives are moving the boundaries: menstrual leave, sanitary napkins distribution, bills of exchange … A revolution. It was a summer morning in 2016. With a twisted stomach and confused head, like every new moon, Merve Bakir took … Read more

GuyMarGua Special: US Sinnamary vs Golden Stars to open the ball, ASC Tours takes to the track on Friday

After two years without, the GuyMarGua tournament returns to the scene this Thursday evening (May 19th) and for three days of celebrations for the orange ball. Us Sinnamary (Guyana) and Golden Stars (Martinique) will open the ball at 7pm at Progt de Matoury. Who will happen to Sinnamary for the girls and EDO (Guadeloupe) for … Read more

Nine days in the life of Charles de Foucauld: the great maneuvers

WEB SERIES 3/9 – Le Figaro Special Edition dedicates an issue to the father of the desert, canonized on Sunday 15 May. After the boredom of the garrisons, Carlo finally savors, on the Algerian highlands, the adventure and risk of life in the field. He is bored in Pont-à-Mousson. Life in Garrison is not for … Read more

First evidence of the presence of Denisova’s man in the tropics

A baby tooth of at least 130,000 years old discovered in a cave in Laos testifies to the presence of Denisova’s men in the tropical climate of Southeast Asia, lifting part of the veil over the mystery of this extinct species, according to a study. Read alsoNotre-Dame de Paris: extraordinary archaeological discoveries on the sidelines … Read more

At the Lido, the troupe intends to fight the social plan launched by the Accor group

Nearly nine out of ten jobs are affected by the buyer’s job protection plan. They are ready to fly among the feathers of the Lido: shocked after the announcement “brutalof a transformation plan accompanied by numerous job cuts, the staff of the prestigious Parisian cabaret want to organize its resistance. “We were given the ointment, … Read more

green light in Grenoble after a tight municipal vote

The resolution was adopted with a limited majority of 29 votes in favor, 27 against and two abstentions, after 2 hours and 30 minutes of sometimes tense debates. It was 8:50 pm when Grenoble’s city council voted to change the internal regulations of its swimming pools, paving the way for authorization to use the burkini … Read more

installation of outdoor games, what does the law say?

Do you want to please your children and install outdoor games in your garden? To ensure their safety, there are important things to consider. Installing outdoor games in your garden, what does the law say? Swings, trampolines, slides, sandboxes … You are spoiled for choice to let the little ones play in your garden. But … Read more

One week of recruitment in the Mulhouse Sud-Alsace hospital group

Emile Muller Hospital awaits you for recruiting week Credit: GHR Mulhouse South-Alsace website Anyone can come inquire or applybut this campaign is specifically targeted job seekers, future graduates and job professionals who wish to reorient themselves. The goal of the GHR Mulhouse Sud-Alsace is to introduce people to what a public hospital is and why … Read more