three midwives convicted of the death of a pregnant woman who had moved to the country

Three midwives were sentenced Wednesday by a Senegalese court to six months in prison with suspended sentence for “lack of assistance to a person in danger”, after the death in a public hospital of a pregnant woman who waited in vain with great suffering for a caesarean section. section and whose tragic fate shook the … Read more

Sport at the service of women’s emancipation | Culture-Sport

Ho Chi Minh City (VNA) – By allowing women to be involved individually, sport is proving to be a huge lever for their empowerment. Meet Captain Huynh Nhu, the most successful footballer of the Ballon d’Or of Vietnam. Striker Huynh Nhu (right) stands out for his speed and dribbling technique. Photo: VNA / CVN In … Read more

the ordeal of mothers who want to protect their child

Children victims of incest who we do not believe and who are sent to spend the weekend with the attacking parent, mothers accused of manipulation and who are called into question: the protection of children is often studded with trials for mothers. The Independent Commission on Incest and Sexual Abuse of Children (Ciivise), mandated by … Read more

The genius of resilient women in the fight against COVID-19 | Agency

A teacher from Chanh Hung College in Ho Chi Minh City leads an online French course. Photo: CVN Hanoi (VNA) – In the context of the complicated evolution of COVID-19, the first collateral victims of the health crisis are women, many of whom simultaneously take on a multitude of roles such as financial support, housework … Read more

The long march towards employment for the long-term unemployed

In December 2021, Steven de la Rue, Alix Vasseur and Karim Amram attended a morning of “re-mobilization” organized by their agency Rouen Pôle Emploi. His goal: to restore confidence after a long period of unemployment and to start personalized support with them over time. → REPORT. Long-term unemployed, the proceeds of Pôle emploi “Our support … Read more

Low-skilled women are increasingly exposed to atypical working hours

According to INED, between 2013 and 2019 the share of unskilled workers subject to atypical hours increased by 11%, while that of executives decreased by 23%. In 2019, 36% of French employees were subject to so-called “working hours”.atypicalwork, evenings, nights or weekends. The National Institute for Demographic Studies (INED) has just unveiled a large-scale study … Read more

Companies are organizing to promote women

To achieve parity at the highest levels of the hierarchy, they have established support programs. “Many large companies have a clear desire to elevate women to the highest levels of the hierarchy, where equality is still far from being achieved.comments Lucille Desjonquères, French president of the International Women’s Forum. But this cultural revolution cannot be … Read more

“No child should go to the hospital for a piece of pizza”

Aurélie, 34, and her husband John, 40, led “a normal family life”. Everything was upset when their two children became seriously ill, poisoned by the bacterium E. coli through the pizzas Buitoni, a brand of the food giant Nestlé. With the parents of about fifty other children with kidney failure linked to E. coli contamination, … Read more