The SMART CONTRACT, Blockchain champion

Blockchain is a topic that has enjoyed a lot of attention since the start of the COVID crisis. Primarily used for cryptocurrencies, this technology however has much broader application areas and could become a central element of our daily life in the near future. The use of blockchain in various aspects of daily life would … Read more

Lack of funding, main obstacle to the development of blockchain start-ups in Africa (Report)

(Agence Ecofin) – 51% of blockchain-focused start-ups are still in the conception phase and 39.7% are in the growth phase. Only 1% of these entities are firmly established and profitable. Difficulties in accessing finance outweigh the challenges faced by blockchain start-ups in Africa, according to a report published on October 5 by the specialized think … Read more

Co-founded by a Lebanese, the Emirati digital bank YAP raises $ 41 million

Co-founded by Lebanese Marwan Hachem, Dubai-based Emirati digital bank YAP announced it has raised $ 41 million. The investment is part of a Series A fundraiser – one of the initial stages of the start-up financing process – which is expected to be completed by the end of the year and through which the start-up … Read more